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    Will Canty

    One-to-One Personal Training, Based in Wanstead, East London.A 2 minute walk from Snaresbrook station.Easily reached from Leyton,Leytonstone, South Woodford and Aldersbrook.

    Will Canty’s Training Approach

    Bodyweight training is an incredibly effective way of developing coordinated strength, burning fat and developing impressive muscle tone. I implement an array of bodyweight exercises with my clients including core work, explosive jumping, TRX work, boxing, push-ups, pull-ups and all of their progressions and variations.

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    When it comes to lifting weights it’s not just about reps, sets and how much weight you move. It’s about HOW you move it.

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    Conditioning is an essential part of any fitness programme. Unlike strength training, conditioning sessions involving short periods of intense effort develop your cardiovascular capacity, strengthening your heart and lungs while increasing your metabolic rate.

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    Addressing your nutrition so that your eating compliments your training and your goals can dramatically speed up your progress! There’s no doubt about it, nutrition is key when it comes to burning fat and/or building muscle.

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