Generally speaking, people seek out personal trainers because they want to lose weight, build muscle or improve their overall fitness. Although, most people already know what they need to do in order to achieve those things. For the most part. Drink less alcohol, drink more water. Workout more. Eat less processed foods. Eat more vegetables. Get better quality sleep and more of it.

So what’s the problem? Why are you here? Well, it’s because you don’t know ‘how’ to do those things. You see, knowing what you need to do is the easy part. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all know what we need to do in order to get the things we want out of life. The problem is in knowing how we go about it.

Figuring out that ‘how’ is infinitely easier when we have someone coaching us. Someone who can understand our motivations, our strengths as well as our limiting factors. Someone who can meet us where we are and help us to figure out the best way forward.

That’s what I aim to do. That’s why I refer to myself as a ‘coach’ and not as a ‘personal trainer‘. I don’t simply train my clients. I coach them.

My Training Approaches

When it comes to fitness training, finding the right method can make the difference in getting the results you want. Here’s where to start.


It’s all about to change

You see, on the surface of it, you want to lose weight, build muscle, get fitter, get leaner. But what you really need to do is change. And that’s bloody hard. It’s the reason gyms are over-subscribed in January only to empty out 4 weeks later. It’s why diet plans fail. It’s why so many people inevitably put all that weight back on. And then some. You don’t need a set of instructions telling you to do the things you already know you should be doing.

But you do need guidance on how to think differently. On how to see both yourself and the world differently. On how to have a better life. No gym membership or diet plan is going to do that for you.

Through working with me I will walk you through the ‘how. Because you already know the ‘what’.

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If you've been going to the gym regularly but you're not losing weight then you need to know about Hedonic Compensation.

In this video I discuss what it is and how you can use your understanding of it to get the results you want.

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Stop talking about and counting calories.

Macronutrients and calories are the wrong variables to try to control. In this video I explain why that is.

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When we try to change we, more often than not, try to do far too much too soon only to wind up falling off the wagon.

In this video I discuss this common pitfall and what you can do to avoid it.

I hope it helps 💪🏻

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