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It’s all about food

There’s no doubt about it, nutrition is key when it comes to burning fat and/or building muscle. No one wants to put in the hours of training and not get the results they want. Addressing your nutrition so that your eating compliments your training and your goals can dramatically speed up your progress!

How does that make you feel? “Do I have to jump on a diet of plain rice and dry chicken breast? Do I have to cut out all the beer or wine I drink at the weekends? What about my favourite dessert? Is it goodbye forever?”

No. Of course it’s not goodbye forever. My approach to nutrition isn’t reflected in any of the above common concerns people have around nutrition and exercise. I believe in balance. Not austerity. Unless you’re an athlete hell-bent on bettering your time or getting down to ridiculously low levels of body fat then you don’t need to be super-strict with yourself. It’s not sustainable either. Which is why ‘diets’ typically fail. They ask for too much change too soon. People go all out in the beginning only to relapse completely following one bad weekend. They feel like a failure. Except they didn’t fail the diet. The diet failed them. Why? Because diets typically fail to address the number one aspect of eating that’s likely the most important: habit.

By drawing on a few key dietary principles and coupling this with a continued and committed relationship we will work together to figure out exactly the pace of change that best suits you. Over time, new eating habits will build on even newer eating habits leaving you feeling in more control of your body and your life!

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If you've been going to the gym regularly but you're not losing weight then you need to know about Hedonic Compensation.

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When we try to change we, more often than not, try to do far too much too soon only to wind up falling off the wagon.

In this video I discuss this common pitfall and what you can do to avoid it.

I hope it helps 💪🏻

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